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The best wishes for 2015!
check my homepage 4 party cd's (free)  
dj_jolimarcabre (send private message to dj_jolimarcabre)  mail me date: 2014-12-15 18:21:30  ip:hidden 

hans (send private message to hans)  date: 2014-12-06 02:48:13  ip:hidden 

There is an canceled party tonight on the partybase, hope there wont be ppl coming for nothing... 
zirk (send private message to zirk)  date: 2014-12-06 02:17:00  ip:hidden   

Not sure people read this ... but
For anyone going to Namasté @ Magnetico:
no tram 26!
but sometimes a replacement bus.
better bike
hans (send private message to hans)  date: 2014-12-05 23:15:57  ip:hidden 

Hi there! Mukris Kamaruddin (
May I know whether you are having a party on Tuesday, 30th December?
Appreciate your reply. Thanks
Mukris Kamaruddin
Eclectic LoL (send private message to Eclectic LoL)  date: 2014-11-21 23:08:30  ip:hidden   

Heftruck You missend a couple of nice ones
But hope you went to last weekends Psy Fi in leeuwarden  
Eclectic LoL (send private message to Eclectic LoL)  date: 2014-09-02 22:46:28  ip:hidden   

Since very long i would like to put a message here. Its now about 7 or 8 years ago that i went to this kind of parties, like to the donauweg and the elf. Is there stil a psytrance scène like that.... is there right now something going on... please email to me at 
Hef-Truck (send private message to Hef-Truck)  date: 2014-08-01 06:04:13  ip:hidden   

Where ... 
hans (send private message to hans)  date: 2014-07-27 01:41:35  ip:hidden   

is it already Sunday, here?

Were are today's parties? 
hans (send private message to hans)  date: 2014-07-27 01:04:34  ip:hidden 

"42" Digital EP
Supergroover is a progressive psytrance project by Raoul Koning from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With this EP BooM! Records bring you four fresh tracks. These tracks are not the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Indeed, they are the key to rock the dancefloors and kick up some dust! Atmospheric tracks with full basslines, trippy effects and a little pinch of salt. Psychedelic sounds, infaded by dubby delays and lush soundeffects. All this and more to speed up your dancing moves and make all 8 bit boys and girls smile!
Supergroover started in 2002 with some local underground parties but soon expanded to other sides of the world. Furthermore he has played on many festivals and in many countries like Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Guatemala and Bolivia.
His dj sets are dynamic, not preplanned and with a funky progressive touch.For a few years he has been producing progressive psytrance as well. Making up a nice mixture of atmospheric sounds with an active underlayer of kick & bass, topped with acid influenced sounds and melodies.
Supergroover project focuses on spacious progressive psychedelic trance, laced with acid drenched leads. He has released material on IONO Music, Freakuency Records, Bleep Bizarre Records and now BooM! Records.
Around 1997 he was drawn to the psytrance scene by the parties organised by Matt and Remko from BooM! Records. So releasing an EP with BooM! 15 years later brings back some nice memories!
For More Info: link
Samples here: link
1. Bad Robot
2. Marshmallows
3. The Infaders
4. Triplets Are Hip Now
Supergroover Networks:
Facebook: link
Soundcloud: link
Boom! Records Networks:
Facebook: link
Website: link
Sound Cloud: link
Reverbnation: link
Twitter: link
You Tube: link
Party Flock: link
Discogs: link
Linkendin: link
nasty_connexion (send private message to nasty_connexion)  date: 2014-07-22 02:31:17  ip:hidden   

"Eclectic Ecliptic" Digital EP, OUT NOW!
Paul McCosh (Melbourne, Australia) began his career under the stage name Fractal Glider. Fractal Glider was noted for his original high energy sound, and for being representative of the Melbourne psychedelic/trance scene. He appeared mainly in Australia (including the Earthcore electronic music festival), Japan and New Zealand, but also participated in parties and festivals in Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Belgium.
Fractal Glider began composing trance music in 1995, prior to which he worked as a sound engineer. He released two albums. His debut album, Parasite, was released on BooM! Records (Netherlands). His second and last album, Digital Mandala featured several new tracks and a remix of "Mezmorized". To promote this album Fractal Glider went on an international tour through Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary and Austria in 2003. Fractal Glider has also released singles on 14 compilations on different labels worldwide.
After a couple of years of silence he's finally back! The silence was broken with his live appearance at the Eclipse 2012 Festival in Queensland, Australia. Now he has produced a brand new three track ep on BooM! Records with a new album to follow.
The news of the comeback of Australian master producer Fractal Glider eclipsed the news of BooM! Records’s return.
A three track ep containing fresh psychedelic Fractal sound. High in energy, pumping basslines, sweet melodies. Tracks to rock the dancefloor!
For more Info: link
Samples here: link

1. Down Under & Dirty
2. Paradigm
3. Twin Peaks
Fractal Glider Networks:
Facebook: link
Soundcloud: link
Boom! Records Networks:
Facebook: link
Website: link
Sound Cloud: link
Reverbnation: link
Twitter: link
You Tube: link
Party Flock: link
Discogs: link
Linkendin: link
nasty_connexion (send private message to nasty_connexion)  date: 2014-07-22 02:30:42  ip:hidden   

the adress of the 2hr mix was to long, I present again: link 
dj_jolimarcabre (send private message to dj_jolimarcabre)  date: 2014-06-15 06:51:08  ip:hidden   

HIGH PARTYPEOPLE~ my dj name now is dj $tr@iGHTHE@D
i broadcast often at link
It has been a few years ago I went to partycentral Am*d@M
but ok, a gift HQ mix : link 50-bpm#.U5zsqXbZy1s
Here and obey,....bye friends and innen. 
dj_jolimarcabre (send private message to dj_jolimarcabre)  mail me date: 2014-06-15 06:47:07  ip:hidden   

hoi kan iemand de party info effe update heb een event toegevoegd en zie hem er nog steeds niet tussen staan alvast bedankt het gaat om Twilight in club Cozy in leiden .  
djfreaky (send private message to djfreaky)  date: 2014-06-11 21:38:03  ip:hidden   

sad news:

... but not bad: almost 89 years 
hans (send private message to hans)  date: 2014-06-03 22:23:45  ip:hidden 

heard a nice track on that made me hungry to jump and it was..... zen mechanics with new propulsion technology  
manna (send private message to manna)  date: 2014-06-03 16:19:37  ip:hidden   

The Russian shakti power strikes back with a new hot release that will set you on fire!
This time Z-CAT delivers you two spicy uplifting tracks in collaboration with X-Avenger, "ABLAZE" (fully remixed by Z-Cat for this release) and "GET UP" (original versus mix) while she uniquely signs “MAGICAL DUST” in order to create a perfect portion of magic and light.
Her new release will bring you into a trance and arouse you with its furious powerful sounds. Like fire does, let your soul be burned into the vibrant tunes and use the lust of your body as a gate. The new secret weapon of Z-CAT is here to spread passion, freedom and unbridled emotions.
“ΑBLAZE” release avoids genre specifics and represents Z-CAT diverse and distinctive style. Z-Cat passes through hard beats, crunchy melodies and thoughtful harmonies to encompass the mind and body to shake without borders. Masterfully crafted vocals in combination with electrifying sounds all coming together as one. Z-Cat glues together raving emotions in a way of high-energy and bouncy madness! The result is a psychedelic rollercoster giving a spiralling and mind-twisting voyage for a stomping dancefloor experience .
The powerful euphoric ear candy is here for you to make your feet move non-stop and set fire to any dancefloor!
Soon the release date in May and exclusive for 1 month on Beatport!
1. Ablaze (vs X-Avenger) Z-Cat RMX
2. Get Up (vs X-Avenger)
3. Magical Dust
For more Info :
Dropland Recordings Networks:
Website: link
Official FB Page:
Sound Cloud: link
MySpace: link
BeatPort: link
You Tube: link
nasty_connexion (send private message to nasty_connexion)  mail me date: 2014-06-02 02:55:42  ip:hidden   

R.I.P. Bubbel Oksels.... time stands still 
manna (send private message to manna)  date: 2014-05-19 22:57:06  ip:hidden   

The international scientific community today announced the ground breaking discovery of the first ever normal looking psytrance fan.
“It was such a strange thing to see, a man who wasn’t dressed like a brightly coloured, dreadlocked cyber hippy actually listening to and enjoying psytrance,” explained an enthusiastic Dr. Malcolm Matthews, an expert in sub-genre stereotyping. “I’ve never actually witnessed it before, you always suspected that normal people listened to psytrance too, but until now we’ve never been able to prove that.”
The report claims that Alan, a 34 year old branch manager for a local building society, was discovered at a psytrance rave in the British west country, an environmentally safe crusty haven since 1999.
“He was dancing to the ‘music’ like everyone else but instead of being daubed in neon paint and smelling faintly of wood smoke and speed he was wearing a sensible shirt with some slacks,” continued Malcolm, “and when we approached him, rather than offering us speed or telling us about his trip caravaning through Europe, he had to leave early to work in the morning in a proper office job like everyone else.”
“He has a proper job sitting at a desk praying for death while wearing a suit and everything, it’s barmy,” exclaimed an excited Malcolm. “It’s probably the most remarkable occurence that science has ever beheld, more amazing than Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, general relativity, the continuing success of Piers Morgan and the discovery that Nadia from Big Brother was actually a man.”
Alan claims that he began listening to psytrance after discovering a tent dedicated to the genre at a summer festival but insists that while he enjoys the music he hasn’t fully immersed himself into the culture.
“I like the music on its own merit without having to wear breezy Thai fisherman pants and baubles,” explained Alan. “There are people out there who actually just like psytrance without being crusties. Not very many mind, but they do exist.”
Calling Alan “the find of the century” Dr. Matthews insists that he needs to run some tests on Alan to establish if there’s a genetic difference between him and other psytrance fans that could be used to help other people who want to listen to psytrance without looking like a Mad Max extra.
“Hopefully through the research and insights we glean from Alan’s discover we’ll be able to completely eradicate the existence of psytrance crusties and alter their look to adhere to mainstream sensibilities by dressing them like deep house fans, or gym users, as they’re also known,” concluded Malcolm. 
manna (send private message to manna)  date: 2014-05-15 05:05:26  ip:hidden   

no party 2night? 
sqwirx (send private message to sqwirx)  date: 2014-05-04 01:21:59  ip:hidden   

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