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Mr. Peculiar - Mind -Dala

Artist: Mr. Peculiar

Album: Mind-Dala

Label: Sonic Dragon Records

Year: 2005

Format: CD

Country: Australia


1) Born on Mars

2) Compressing Time

3) African Soul

4) Brain Snake

5) Mind-dala

6) Timeline

7) Crystal Energy

8) Silver Clouds

9) Yellow Solar Human

I've got to admit I'm not hugely familiar with Mr Perculiar, I have a few of his tracks on various compilations and they have always been excellent so I was looking forward to hearing his artist album Mind-dala. I'm not sure what I expected from the release based on my scant knowlege but this isn't it.

Not better or worse, just different. What we've got hear is an incredibly solid and cohesive trance album, from the second it starts it oozes quality and the tracks seem to compliment each other so well that that - in the best possible way -

they really don't stand out, they are all that good. When I originally put the CD on the first half of the album flew by so effortlessly that I soon lost track of which tune I was on I was simply drifting on the sound. And here was me worrying that full-on producers had forgotten about the "trance" part of psytrance.

In fact, it wasn't until about two and a half minutes into Timeline (track 6) that I bothered to check where I was as a sublime riff built over one of the more chilled moments on the album before giving way to a clean guitar sound which picks it's way over the track in a style reminicent of Pink Floyd. I really couldn't believe at this point that I was two thirds of the way through the CD already.

It's really not worth me going through and describing Mind-dala track by track, that misses the point somewhat. You put track one on and want to listen to the whole thing. It's not about having 7 minutes to stand out on a compilation, it's a true artist album.

Just buy it. Especially if you liked the albums from the likes of Protoculture and Hydrophonic buy it right now.

Review by DjMonkeyDo

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Added: October 10th 2005
Reviewer: RAH
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Language: eng


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