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Cosmosis - Psychedelica Melodica (Phanta

Cosmosis is need no introduction. After so many magical releases beyond, Bill Halsey is releasing brand new album called "Psychedelica Melodica". The album is present Bill's latest materials influenced by the modern full-on style, but still keeps Cosmosis rare touch. It's out in Phantasm Records on June 07.

Now is the time to taste some psychedelica melodica...


[u]Review [/u]:

[b]01. No Such Thing (Throb Factor Five mix)[/b]

It's start with a morning twister, don't look for pleasant begining or something because you won't find it here. I'm really impressed from Bill's ability to combine between his old style and the modern line of nowadyas and tell you the truth - it's sound amazing ! like always, the melodies is the main issue - floating and lovely. The track has some secret power to hypnotize the listener to it. "No Such Thing" track is remind me how much I miss Cosmosis music...

[b]02. Creature From Outer Space[/b]

This time, the track has a chilly intro featuring acoutic guitar and soft melodies and go on with sophisticated groove. It's sound a bit messy on the first part of it , but when the melody is on, everything is just perfect. The glactic playing on 04:40 is add a convenient feeling to the track and later the guitar riff from the begining is come back and create a wonderful journey. Simply a delicate madness.

[b]03. Metaphysical Worlds[/b]

The vocals & samples have a serious job on Bill's music and here you can find them again and again. On the second of the kick's enterace, I immediately thought about Astrix old stlye...kind of short flashback. Actually, I did not recognize a special moment on the track, same formula all the time without refreshes or suprises.

[b]04. Dance of The Cosmic Serpent[/b]

The first 30 seconds gave me the impression maybe Bill is going to present us some old school tune, but ten seconds later I'm understood that this is just a fantasy :-). The goa melodies together with full-onish baseline is sound good just when it's combined well and thats exactly the case here. "Dance of The Cosmic Serpent" track has the feeling of the old style of Cosmosis with the unique atmosphere and thats why the brake on 04:30 really suprised me - after one minute of developing goa melody, come from no where a stretched kick (really similar to the Phantasm line) and lead the track to another place. I'm really appricate Bill for his courage to mix two different style and do it well.

[b]05. The Other Side[/b]

The same thing from the previous track is happening on track number five. Bill is actually show us a new style - upgrade goa trance music by nowadays rules. It's has some hallucinate vibes on it with special parts like the "strong" up on 05:02, but generally "The Other Side" is not an unforgettable material, just avarage stuff with some highlight moments.

[b]06. Martian Blues[/b]

This track is a gem ! it is start with Blues guitar playing and developing smartly. The Bluesy atmosphere is really special and the whole concept of "Martian Blues" track is simply one of a kind. People, prepare your self for an enjoyable tune, full of guitar riffs and amazing flow. The hit of the album IMHO.

[b]07. Journey Of The Soul[/b]

"Journey Of The Soul" track is full on track on soft version. It's going up gradually, step by step, like a long journey with up's & down's. The general atmosphere is confusing a bit - sometimes it sound like we are going to bomb together with the track but it's not happen, just the opposite - the track is going down suddenly. I guess it's the journey of the soul.

[b]08. Spanish Gypsy[/b]

Last but surely not least is "Spanish Gypsy" track. This one is melodic track with special delightful ability to make the listener fly high to a smiley trip. It's include all the necessary elements - story, beautiful melodies, magical atmosphere, exciting guitar riffs, danceable kick and positive vibes. What a lovely end to this journey....

To sum it up - "Psychedelica Melodica" is the prove for Bill's mature developing and his diversity to try different directions, which in my opinion he did it successfuly. This album has a lot of influences from Cosmosis past music and I'm sure every one who still did not hear it, is very curious to understand what I'm talk about.

"Psychedelica Melodica" album is available here :


Added: June 25th 2007
Reviewer: Guy Cohen
Related Link: Available on Psyhop
Hits: 11509
Language: eng


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